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No activity Bertram Drilling Inc. is involved with is more important than ensuring measures are in place to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients, suppliers, contractors, and those who live and work close to our operations. Every employee and contractor is entitled to work under the safest possible conditions. To this end, every reasonable effort and decision will be made in the interest of incident prevention, fire protection, health and environmental preservation.

BERTRAM DRILLING INC Health, Safety, Security and Environmental program shall be maintained with the objective of reducing the number of incidents, injuries and environmental concerns to an absolute minimum, zero recordable and zero lost time. To be successful, such a program must embody the proper attitudes towards all aspects of safety on the part of the management, supervisors, employees and contractors. It also requires cooperation in all safety and health matters between all fellow workers.

On each job site Health, Safety, Security and Environmental supervisor/advisor and/or the Line Managers will be responsible for implementing the safety program. All contractors/subcontractors shall adhere to the OH&S Act and Regulations and Code and any other provisions of either their safety program or the Prime Contractors safety program.

Our Health, Safety, Security and Environmental program will include:

  1. Providing physical safeguards from injury to the maximum extent possible and correcting unsafe or harmful conditions found in the course of an inspection.

  2. Striving to eliminate hazards through engineering controls, work methods and work practices and holding periodic management meetings for the purpose of reviewing health and safety activities and incident trends, and for the determination of necessary courses of action.

  3. Conducting a program of health, safety, security and environmental inspections to detect and eliminate unsafe working conditions or practices, to control health hazards, to minimize impact to the landscape and to comply with the safety and health standards for our jobs

  4. Training employees in safe, healthful and environmental work practices as well as violence and abuse prevention.

  5. Providing personal protective equipment (PPE), or requiring PPE to be used as required on designated jobs along with instruction for its correct use and care

  6. Developing and enforcing health, safety, security and environmental rules and requiring that employees and contractors cooperate with these rules as a condition of employment and their contract.

  7. Investigating promptly and thoroughly, incidents and near-miss situations to determine the root causes and to correct the problem in order to prevent recurrences

  8. Having workers complete a Bertram Drilling Inc. Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Policies orientation upon employment.

Our objective is a comprehensive HSSE program that prevents injuries, incidents, and illnesses, thereby eliminating hardship, physical suffering, and harm to the environment.

I trust you will join Bertram Drilling Inc. in a personal commitment to make safety in all aspects, at home, work, and play, a way of life.

Ken Brew – Vice President